Shaft-hub connections

Calculation of:

  • Cylindrical interference fits according to DIN 7190 (elastic and elastic-plastic range)
  • Parallel keys according to DIN 6885
  • Involute splines according to DIN 5480, 5481, 5483

Input Data:

  • Performance and geometry data
  • Material data

Calculation Results:

  • Interference fits:
    • Necessary fits and deviations
    • Existing stresses
    • Existing safeties against sliding and flow failure
    • Assembly conditions for force and shrink fits
    • Determination of deformations
  • Parallel keys:
    • Calculation according to DIN 6885
  • Involute splines:
    • Determination of geometry data according to the reference diameter and module selection
    • Determination of test dimensions for single measurement according to shaft and hub fit
    • Calculation of bending stress and shearing stress as well as surface pressure
Interference fit
Parallel key
Material selection
Involute splines