Multi-stage cylindrical gearboxes

1 to 5-stage gearboxes input data:

  • Definition of design type, power and total transmission
  • Definition or optimization of number of stages and transmission of stages
  • Definition or optimization of center distances
  • Optional definition of optimization parameters

Calculation Algorithm:

  • According to defined data and optimization parameters, number of stages, transmission of stages and center distances are determined.
  • Gearing data are determined for the several gear sets.
  • Assembly possibilities of the defined gear sets are checked
  • Shafts are dimensioned according to the torque that can be transmitted.
  • Bearing load is calculated and it is determined which center distances and pivot diameters are required for the bearings. The shaft dimensions are accordingly adjusted.
  • The bearing is determinded from an integrated database and the rating life is calculated.
  • The software displays a graphical representation of the gearing.

Calculation Results:

  • Gearing data of all gear sets
  • Approximate proofs of the load capacity
  • Bearing load for all bearings including rating life
  • Weight of the components without housing
  • Graphical representation of the gearing