Planetary gear trains

Calculation of:

  • One stage planetary gear trains with single planet or stage planet
  • Any design type and any operating condition

Input Data:

  • Transmission (stationary gear ratio or total transmission)
  • Operation mode, performance data
  • Optional definition of annulus and transmission

Calculation Results:

  • Kinematic design with determination of number of teeth, profile shift modification, pressure angle and center distances. Graphical representation of specific sliding. Calculation of gear efficiency factors, pitch power, coupling power and power loss
  • Calculation of relative speeds of pinion shaft
  • Determination of full-complement needle bearing according to INA
  • Calculation of rating life of planet bearing
  • For an exact calculation of the gear sets, data can be transferred to the spur gear module.

Load Capacity:

Approximate calculation of safeties against failure due to pitting and tooth breakage. The spur gear pair module provides an exact calculation of the load capacity for the tooth mesh according to DIN 3990. Geometry and performance data will be automatically transferred.