Shaft-bearing calculation


  • Any stepped hollow or solid shafts with any bearings
  • Any bearing type and arrangement
  • Any applied forces
  • Calculation of moment of inertia for individual elements and systems

Input Data:

  • Gearing data of tooth meshs (spur gear, bevel gear or worm gear)
  • Other radial, axial forces or bending moments, shaft torque
  • Using a graphical representation for checking entries
  • Geometry data of the shaft
  • Geometry or basic data for the determination of notch factors
  • Access to bearing files

Calculation Results:

  • Supporting forces
  • Selection of bearings from integrated bearing database
  • Bearing data of certain manufacturer can be transferred
  • Rating life of bearings for L10h and Lnah
  • a23 factor is calculated
  • For every defined node:
    • Equivalent stress, permissible stress
    • Bending moment, torsional moment
    • Deflection, angle of inclination, angle of rotation (torsion)
    • Notch factors, safety according to Niemann and DIN 743
    • Graphical representation: moment diagrams and bending lines for x, y plane and resultant