Bolt calculation according VDI 2230


  • Single-bolted joints under axial and transverse load and flange connections (multi-bolted) can be determined.
  • Bolted joints can be defined according to individual requirements.
  • Different tightening techniques are available, for example angle-controlled and yield-controlled tightening.
  • Based on the selected tightening technique, the tightening factor is set automatically.
  • The module provides the possibility to modify the utilization of the yield point (e.g., for 100 percent instead of 90 percent).
  • Tapped thread joints and through bolted joints can be selected from a drop-down menu.
  • Selection of clamped parts with basic solid geometry, the load introduction and force application. Illustrations help to better understand the geometry.
  • The software module proposes a nominal diameter.
  • All important results will be calculated during every input and will be displayed in the result panel.
  • Detailed calculation report in HTML and PDF format
Input of operating data
Input of assembly settings
Input of clamped parts
Input of connecting elements
Input of load introduction
Display of joint diagram
Joint diagram
Calculation report