Cylindrical gear pairs

Calculation for:

  • External spur and helical gears
  • Internal spur and helical gears
  • Basic rack profile according to DIN 867, DIN 58 400 or any basic rack profile for tools according to DIN 3972, DIN 58 412 or any rack and pinion gear, coupling gears
  • Full depth teeth with a default of the ratios, coupling gears with basic rack profile according to DIN 867
  • Cylindrical gear pairs with variable center distance

Input Data:

  • Performance data and transmission, basic geometry data are proposed by the program
  • Default values for the geometry, default values can be modified at any time
  • Data from material database or free data input
  • Tool data from a database or free data input
  • Operating data
  • Default value of load collectives to calculate an equivalent torque

Calculation Results:

  • Complete geometry data according to DIN 3960, DIN 58405
  • Test dimensions (chord, span measurement, measurement over balls and pins)
  • Allowed deviations according to DIN 3961, DIN 58405
  • Backlash in consideration of changing influences according to DIN 3967, DIN 58405
  • Load capacity according to DIN 3990 (DEZ 87) Method B, according to AGMA 2001-C95, 6004-F88 and 6010-E88, according to ISO
  • Graphical representation of created tooth form
  • Simulation of tooth mesh including a step-by-step rotation