Bevel gears

Calculations for:

  • Straight bevel gears according to DIN 3971
  • Helical bevel gears according to DIN 3971
  • Spiral bevel gears according to DIN 3971
  • Klingelnberg Palloid® bevel gears
  • Klingelnberg Zyklo-Palloid® bevel gears
  • With any shaft angle
  • Klingelnberg gears with axis offset

Input Data:

  • Performance data, proposed by the program
  • Basic geometry data (e.g., module, number of teeth)
  • Default values of relevant basic geometry data

Calculation Results:

  • Complete geometry data
  • Test and assembly dimensions
  • Turning dimensions for gear bodies
  • Load capacity according to DIN 3991 and AGMA 2003.A86
  • Determination for Klingelnberg gearings according to Klingelnberg standard
  • Check of manufacturing process for Klingelnberg gearings (incl. access to tool database)
  • Graphical representation of gear set with tip, reference and root cone envelope line