General calculations

Calculation of:

  • Test dimensions of single wheels, for internal gearings: check of mesh gear shaper cutter and work piece
  • Determination of profile shift modification from span measurement and determination of geometry data of the mating gear
  • Deviations and clearance for interference fits

Input for hole and shaft:

Nominal diameter in mm, position tolerance, quality

The following values are calculated for hole and shaft:

  • Upper deviation in µm, lower deviation in µm
  • Maximum size hole and shaft in mm
  • Minimum size hole and shaft in mm
  • Maximum and minimum clearance in µm and fit tolerance

Default values clearance and basic hole or basic shaft

  • Definition of minimum and maximum clearance (positive) or interference (negative) in µm
  • According to pre-selection, definition of nominal diameter, position tolerance, quality for hole or shaft
  • Possible interference fits are displayed (within the predescribed clearance and interference)
  • By clicking, the selected pairing is transferred, deviations, diameter and clearance or interference are calculated and displayed.
System of fit hole
System of fit clearance
Calculation span measurement
Test dimensions gears