Splined shaft connections according to Niemann


  • Strength calculation according to Niemann for splined shafts
  • Standardized geometry selectable from the database
  • Profile search function for a fast selection
  • Hub and load in and output geometry with load factor according to DIN 6892 will be taken into consideration
  • Calculation functions for design advice
  • Load peaks and alternating torque
  • Own input of splined shafts geometry is possible
  • Determination of permissible pressures from material parameters
  • Detailed calculation report in HTML and PDF format


The calculation module allows to carry out a strength calculation according to Niemann for shaft-hub joints with splined shafts according to DIN ISO 14 light and middle row, DIN 5464 and according to DIN 5471 as well as DIN 5472. The geometry can be comfortably selected from the database or identified with the profile search function. Additionally, the possibility for an own input of splined shaft geometry is also available.

The allowed pressures will be calculated on the base of the material properties. So, it is possible to use special metal materials. Available materials can be selected very easily from the integrated material database. For different load in and output, the load factor according to DIN 6892 will be calculated on the base of the given geometry. Additional load peaks and alternating torque are definable for the calculation.

The user will be optimally supported through calculation functions for the operation nominal torque, the maximum load peak torque or the supporting length.

In the result overview the safeties and the pressures of the operation load and at the maximum load for the shaft and the hub will be displayed already during the input. After the calculation is finished, a calculation report can be generated for the documentation. This report includes the calculation method, the input values and detailed comprehensible results.

The calculation report is available in HTML and PDF format.

Splined shaft connection according to Niemann
Selection of profile geometry
Calculation report
Selection of material