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23.09.20: TBK New Version V32.2

A new version of the gear calculation software TBK 2014 has been released.

New functions include:

- Additional dimensioning functions for the distribution of the profile shift coefficients and a new option for disconnecting the centre distance from the profile shift in the cylindrical gear pair module/planetary gear train module

- The factor for the minimum tooth tip thickness can be defined individually in the cylindrical gear pair module.

- New basic rack tooth profiles for plastic gears according to ANSI/AGMA 1106-A97

- "Full radius" for the tip form of gear shaper cutters

- Setting option for KHbeta and temperature in the load spectra for each load case. This enables the automatic transfer of values directly from the system extension "SystemManager" to the "Cylindrical gear pair" module in the background. The user can see directly the effects of flank modifications on the root and flank safeties of the gear in the system.

- Load capacity of plastic gears according to VDI 2736

- New module for the calculation of the mass moments of inertia of individual shafts and gear bodies as well as shaft systems. The results obtained are the masses and mass moments of inertia of the individual shafts as well as the mass moment of inertia of the shaft system related to the input shaft and output shaft. Calculation data, that were created with module of the same name of the old and discontinued TBK software generation up to V22, can be read in and used.

- Shaft strength according to DIN 743: Switch between 2000 und 2012 Edition