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06.09.22: Calculation Software TBK - New Release with Numerous Enhancements for Gearings


In the latest version, the calculation modules for cylindrical gear pairs, planetary gear stages, three- and four-gear train systems as well as gear racks have been extended to include the latest edition of ISO 6336 (2019-11) for calculating the load capacity as well as VDI 2736 for calculating the load capacity of plastics. These calculation methods are available in parallel to DIN 3990 Method B, ANSI/AGMA 2101-D04 and the previous edition of ISO 6336 (2006-09).

Furthermore, the calculation of master gears according to ANSI/AGMA 2002-C16 has been integrated into the cylindrical gear pair and planetary gear stage modules. This makes it possible to determine test gears or their center distances and measuring radii quickly and easily. Both parallel and crossed axis positions of the test gears are supported. The calculation of test gears for ring gears or internal gears is also possible.

In the calculation module for spiral bevel gears, a new function is now available for designing the profile shift coefficients for balanced specific sliding. For straight bevel gears, the "Duplex" bevel shape has been added as a further variant, which is of particular interest for forged bevel gears. Both bevel gear modules now also support calculation with load spectra.

The strength classes for stainless steel screws and other materials for clamped parts and plates have been added to the calculation module for highly stressed bolted joints.

In the current release, 3D output in STEP/IGES format is now also available. In addition to solid models for cylindrical gears, gear racks, involute splines and bevel gears, surface models of the tooth space geometries can also be generated. In addition, further output options for the DXF format and many other new functions have been added.