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26.10.22: 2D DXF Tooth Form: New and Enhanced Output Options

The DXF output options have been extended by the following functions for all involute gear modules:

  • Settings of the DXF output are now saved as well.
  • For gears that are manufactured with hobs, the milling cutter profile can now be output as an alternative to the tooth form of the spur gear.
  • DXF as block definition can now be enabled and disabled.
  • Option to choose the output of tooth or tooth space
  • Specification of the angular position possible. Tooth form can be output as a projection on a tilted plane.

The last two functionalities are now also available for the output of the coordinate table in all modules with involute gearing (single gear, cylindrical gear pair, planetary gear stage, gear rack, gear train system and involute spline).